Thursday, January 1, 2009

Peter Pan Bookends Snowglobe Set

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Peter Pan - Bookends
Description from Your novels will never walk the plank while anchored by our Peter Pan Snowglobe Bookends. Captain Hook's ship, the Jolly Roger, is divided into two halves, each with its own pixie-dusted snowglobe scene. You'll thrill again to the swashbuckling duel between ''insolent youth'' and ''old codfish'' as the cast of Never Land favorites looks on. Bow section features Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the Crocodile. Stern section features Wendy, John and Michael Darling and Mr. Smee with tiny Tinker Bell hovering above. Flocked bottom prevents slippage.
Characters: Captain Hook, John, Michael, Mr Smee, Peter Pan, Tick Tock Croc, Tinker Bell, Wendy.
Features: Bookends.
Music: none.
Size: Bow 6'' H x 6'' W x 6'' D. Stern: 7'' H x 6'' W x 6'' D.
Source: Online.
Timeframe: 2008-2009.
ORP: 79.50

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