Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cinderella Coach Snowglobe

Photo from The Disney Catalog.
Description: Cinderella is ready to dance the night away in her magical pumpkin coach. Gemstones and the mice friends decorate the carriage.
Characters: Cinderella, Gus, Jaq.
Features: none.
Music: none.
Size: 10”H.
Source: Disney Catalog, Theme Parks.
Timeframe: 2003-2009.
ORP: 125.00

1 comment:

  1. I received this snowglobe as a gift in 2006. However, as careful I thought I was being, after my 4th move in 2011, it broke!! I was devastated! The wheel and mice broke off. the rest is in great shape. Does anyone know where it can be sent off to be repaired or another one to purchase? I know I am asking a lot. Please let me know via Google+ or Gmail. My email is Thank you in advance. Anita Burdick~Knoxville, TN