Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cinderella Precious Moments Snowglobe

Photo courtesy of
Precious Moments - Cinderella
Description from Stir up your dreams with our Cinderella Musical Waterball by Precious Moments. Cinderella imagines dancing at the ball in her mother's old gown, made-over with a little help from her friends. The decorative base is adorned with Cinderella's brave little tailors, the mice and birds. From the Walt Disney Showcase Collection by Precious Moments.
Characters: Cinderella.
Features: none.
Music: The Work Song .
Size: 5 3/4'' H x 4 1/3'' W.
Source: Precious Moments.
Timeframe: 2008-2009.
ORP: 35.00


  1. There are various other Precious Moments Disney snowglobes available at the official Precious Moments site.

  2. Thanks for the heads up but I don't see any new ones that aren't allready part of the guide. Clicking on the Precious Moments Label in the right column will show them all to you.