Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Princess and the Frog Snowglobe Set

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Princess and the Frog
Description:  Dreams come true in the beautiful bayou with our The Princess and the Frog Snowglobe Set. Tiana and Naveen share their wedding vows in a full-size snowglobe sculpture. Comes with a companion mini snowglobe featuring Tiana and Naveen as enchanted frogs.
Characters:  Louis, Mama Odie, Naveen, Tiana
Features:  fiber optic lights in the trees,
Size:  Wedding snowglobe 12 1/4'' H x 8 1/2'' W x 7 1/2'' D
          Mini snowglobe 3 1/2'' H x 2 1/4'' Diameter
Snow:  sparkles
Source:  Disney Store, Disneyland Paris
Timeframe: 2009-2010
ORP: 114.50


  1. What song does this play?

  2. As far as I know right now, it doesn't play music. The Disney websites didn't list any music for it. But, I don't know for a fact so the listing is left empty until we know for sure. Anyone know for sure?

  3. How come the snowglobe isn't available on the disney website?

  4. It is still available on the UK website. A search for it by item number #300530 reveals that it was reduced to 39.99 at some point which is obviously why it sold out. Sorry I missed that sale! Originally 114.50 marked down to 39.99! Wow!
    There's one on ebay right now at $6.50 plus 15.99 shipping. 4 bids so far. 3 days to go. it's not mine, just passing on the info.

  5. I would love to find one of these for Christmas. Having no luck.... any ideas?