Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disney Group Bookends snowglobes

Description:  set of bookends.  sold individually.  concept by Juan Ortiz.  Design by Steve Thompson.
Characters:  101 Dalmations, Alice, Belle, Cheshire Cat, Baloo, Bambi, Genie, Hercules, Lilo, Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Mrs Potts, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Pumbaa, Simba, Snow White, Stitch, Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh
Features:  Blowers
Music:  Vol. I bookend plays ''Whistle While You Work'' Vol. II bookend plays ''Friend Like Me''

Size:  Vol. I bookend 9'' H x 7'' W x 6 1/2'' D. Vol. II bookend 9'' H x 7'' x 7''
Snow:  glitter
Source:  Disney Store
Timeframe: 2005
ORP:  68.00 each

These two snowglobes were reissued in 2008-2009 with a new paint scheme.

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