Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pocahontas sunflower Snowglobe

Scan from the Disney Catalog.
Description: A peaceful long-ago world with legendary romance and the spirit of the American wilds. Pocahontas and John Smith stand on a base of meadow grass and around the base is a lush setting with sculptural details of sunflowers and woodland greenery which includes the scampering Meeko. A unique translucent pond completes the scene.
Characters: John Smith, Meeko, Pocahontas.
Features: John Smith & Pocahontas rotate.
Music: “Colors of the Wind”
Size: 5 ½”H.
Snow: colorful leaves.
Source: Disney Catalog/Disney Store exclusive.
Timeframe: 1996
ORP: 55.00

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  1. i want to buy one of these! anyone selling?