Sunday, May 31, 2009

UP Snowglobe

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Deescription: Chase your dreams to the ends of the Earth with our exciting Up Snowglobe. The whole adventuresome cast of Disney/Pixar's newest animated feature is sculpted in the round, from cranky Carl Fredricksen to Russell the Wilderness Explorer, Kevin the Bird, big shaggy Dug and the glowering Alpha Pack dogs Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Accented with bright translucent balloons, this colorful Up collectible will carry you away with memories of the film. Characters: Alpha, Beta, Carl, Dug, Gamma, Kevin, Russell
Features: Blower.
Size: 10'' H x 8'' Diameter
Snow: Sparkles
Timeframe: 2009
ORP: 69.50

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  1. Does ANYONE know where I can get this? I need it as a wedding gift for my bride.