Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pinocchio Under the Sea Snowglobe

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Description: Pinocchio's daring search for his father under the sea is captured in this colorful aquatic snowglobe. Schools of fish eye the little wooden stranger suspiciously as Jiminy Cricket tries to keep up with the quest. Just don't tell anyone you're looking for Monstro! Arrives with art packet of illustrated cards detailing the process from concept through production. First 500 came with a limited edition pin.
Characters: Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio.
Features: Blower.
Music: "Brahm's Waltz"
Size: 10 1/8'' H x 10 1/8'' W x 9'' D.
Snow: color glitter in the big globe, blue liquid in Jiminy's.
Source: exclusive.
Timeframe: 2007
ORP: 99.95


  1. Snow: colorful glitter in the biggest globe.
    blue liquid in Jimminy's globe.

  2. Thank You. Any music or special features?

  3. Blower and the tune "Brahms Waltz", as most Pinocchio and some Snow White snowglobes. I just find strange that the 2 movies which have beautiful songs have this tune.
    I have more than 100 snowglobes now. I can't afford any more and I also don't have any spare room at all. I'll check the other descriptions and see if I can give any extra help.
    Let's see if we can meet sometime when I go back to Orlando next vacation. Take care, Rob.
    And congratulations for your nice work.