Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nightmare Before Christmas Christmastown Snowglobe

Scan from the Disney Catalog.
Nightmare Before Christmas
Description: Jack Skellington finds himself in Christmastown.
Characters: Jack Skellington.
Features: Base lights up. Carousel and train move.
Music: “What’s This”
Size: 9”H.
Source: Disney Catalog.
Timeframe: 2000
ORP: 75.00


  1. How do I know what a good price is for a used one of these? I've been searching online and can't find any good information...

  2. Hi Meredith, I don't consider myself an expert but I would say anything less then $100 is a good buy if the globe is in good shape and free of air bubbles. Nightmare is a pretty hot collectors market so its probably worth considerable more. Unfortunately I've had to stop tracking values on the various globes until I get the Guide as completed as I can so i can't provide you with any more information then that