Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mickey & Minnie 70th Anniversary

Scan from the Disney Catalog.
Mickey & Minnie
Description: Mickey and Minnie stand in front of an art deco styled backdrop. The base replicates vintage theatres with shell lights. A red “curtain” is pulled back to reveal a film reel that displays clips from their career. Red-roped stachions and 5 classic movie posters surround the base. The hand and footprints of Mickey and Minnie are pressed into the top step of the theatre.
Characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse.
Features: shell lights and film reel lights up. Film reel revolves and is seen through the doorway of the base.
Music: “The Anniversary Waltz”
Size: 8 ¼”H.
Snow: glitter
Source: Disney Catalog, Theme Parks.
Timeframe: 1998-1999
ORP: 65.00

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