Monday, April 27, 2009

Lady and the Tramp Snowglobe

Scan from the Disney Catalog.
Lady and the Tramp
Description: Our love-struck couple dine at Tony’s Restaurant. Bottled candle, breadsticks and other movie touches are detailed in miniature. Sculpted relief and “cobblestone” walk are around the base.
Characters: Lady, Tramp.
Features: none.
Music: “Bella Notte”
Size: 6”H.
Snow: Irredescent glitter & pink hearts
Source: Disney Catalog, Disney Store.
Timeframe: 1992-1998
ORP: 50.00-55.00


  1. I have this snow globe, it's the only one I own. My parents bought it for me for Christmas as a child. I'll definately be building a collection in years to come, I love Disney snow globes! I can't believe how many variable snow globes there are per Disney film. I did expect it to be one per film, but it appears you can collect quite a number of them! Keep up the good work, what a lovely website! I've enjoyed browsing through the many different snow globes on here.

  2. Thank You. Comments like yours are what makes it worth while. When I started this project I expected there to be maybe a few hundred at most only to find there is well over 2000. We have entries created for over 1500 so far with lots more to come. Good luck on your collection.

  3. I think this globe was produced even earlier. My ex-husband gave this to me and we separated in 1993.

  4. It's very possible that this was made earlier then the dates I have listed. Everything in these listings are approximate and gathered from various sources. The dates listed for this globe come from my collection of Disney Catalogs. That doesn't mean it wasn't around previously in theme parks. Early 90's seems to be when these types of globes with the elaborate bases started to be made. Thanks for the input. I'm going to adjust the date to 1992.

  5. I bought this one for my wife and we lost everything when our house was infected with toxic black mold. The house had to be distroyed and most evrything was affected when our house had to be demolished. It would be wonderful to get a new one to bring back some happy memories.
    any one that could help me locate one would be appreciated.

    1. DId you ever find one?

  6. there isn't one on ebay just now but it does show up on there on a regular basis. I would suggest you just keep checking once in awhile. There have been at least 2 listings previously in november. one sold one didnt.

  7. I have this Snow globe and am willing to sell if you like anonymous!

  8. I'm pretty sure that my mum had this when I was younger but my sister and i broke it, not really knowing what it was and just thinking it was a case and it was a toy. Stupid I know, but I know my mum loved it now, and would love to get her it, is it for sale anywhere and how much?