Monday, April 27, 2009

Castle Birthday Cake Snowglobe

Scan from the Disney Catalog.
Walt Disney World - 25th Anniversary
Description: Famed artist Ian Frasier has captured every delicious detail of the Cinderella “Birthday Cake” Castle. Wooden base. Production limited to the year 1997.
Characters: none.
Features: none.
Music: “Happy Birthday”
Size: 5 ¾”H.
Snow: Glitter.
Source: Disney Catalog
Timeframe: 1997-1998
ORP: 45.00


  1. hi how much is this snowglobe selling for or has it gone

  2. I have no idea what this one currently sells for. The one I have is autographed and was a birthday present so it is not for sale. I rarely have seen one for sale.

  3. My wife has always wanted one of these. I would pay top dollar, more then it's worth. Please email me

  4. My wife has always wanted one of these. If anyone has one, I would pay top dollar, way more then it's worth. Email me..

  5. I've had one of these for years, I got it for my birthday when I was little. I always thought it was the disney castle but wasn't sure. I looked it up for fun and found this site. It's amazing to see something i've owned for so long up on here.

    Does anyone know how much it's worth? I don't know if I would part with it seeing as how so many people seem to want to get their hands on one and because it's special to me, I've had it for so long, and i'd love to know how much one of my prized childhood possessions is worth!