Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mickey's Nightmare Snowglobe

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Cartoons - Mickey's Nightmare
Description: In honor of the classic 1932 animated short, ''Mickey's Nightmare,'' this snowglobe recreates Mickey dreaming that there are lots of babies in the house!
Characters: Mickey Mouse.
Features: none.
Music: ''Mickey Mouse March''
Size: 8 1/4'' H x 8 1/2'' diameter.
Source: Disney Store, Online.
Timeframe: 2007-2008.
ORP: 79.50


  1. This is my all time favorite Mickey Cartoon! Glad to see it done right in a snowglobe. Since my daughter collects snow domes I think I may have just found the perfect birthday present for her! Just discovered your site via Google, but I'll be back (as will my daughter, I'm sure!)

  2. Thanks for commenting and welcome! There are literally thousands of disney snowglobes and this site has only just begun to classify them all. We've barely put a dent in the information we've gathered in the past couple of years. I hope you'll find the site useful and entertaining.