Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lion King Pride Rock Snowglobe

Photo from the Disney Catalog.
Lion King
Description: Mufasa presents Simba to the animals at Pride Rock.
Characters: Mufasa, Rafiki, Simba.
Features: Rafiki moves back and forth.
Music: “Circle of Life”
Size: 10 ½”H.
Source: Disney Catalog.
Timeframe: 2003-2004.
ORP: 78.00


  1. ive got this one however mine has 3 zebras instead of the 2 that this shows does anybody know why. is it rare.

  2. The photo I used is from a Disney catalog. So either yours or this photo may be a pre-production sample. I'm not aware of any production change but there may have been one. A quick check on ebay shows nobody having this globe for sale with an actual photo so I cant tell which one is common at this time. Please post a photo online somewhere so I can see it.

    1. would like to know if the globe is still of sale. plz email at
      thank you

  3. Does anyone have one of these for sale, by chance?

  4. I have this for sale to the highest bidder plus shipping/insurance costs. Make me an offer by sending an e-mail to:

    I can also send you photos per your request.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  5. I also have it for sale

    E-mail me at to discuss a price and photos.



  6. i am very willing to buy one asap.. please email me at with whatever your asking price is!!!

  7. Does anyone still have this for sale?

  8. i want one plz. im having a baby boy in 2 months and thats our theme.. having trouble finding things, if someone can e-mail me at AKCRIBBS@HOTMAIL.COM that be great

  9. hi my mum has cancer and the first movie we ever saw together was the lion king if anyone has one for sale please email Me at

  10. My best friend loves this movie and I think this would make an awesome gift. Any one selling? email me at

  11. The one you have is an entirely different, less common (& therefore more expensive) version. It's no longer available in stores & is considered rare. I suggest you take great care of it & if possible keep it in its original box in order to maintain its value.

  12. I am looking to buy one of these snow globes for my Dad. Can anyone help. I live in Scotland.

  13. I'd LOVE one of these. I LOVE the Lion King. Anyone have for sale, and if so, how much? Please email Leesa at with "Lion King" in the subject line. Thank You.