Thursday, January 1, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Snowglobe

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Alice in Wonderland
Description: Alice joins a tea party to celebrate her very happy unbirthday. An earlier production of this globe had a different paint scheme.
Characters: Alice, Cheshire Cat, Dormouse, Mad Hatter, March Hare, White Rabbit.
Features: Blower.
Music: “The Unbirthday Song”
Size: 9”H.
Snow: Glitter.
Source: Disney Store, Online.
Timeframe: 2008.
ORP: 99.50


  1. is this one now retired?

  2. Probably yes but who knows for sure? As noted in the description this is actually a rerelease of the same sculpt with a different paint scheme. Disney has recently ofered snowglobes again that had been unavailable for years so you never know when they might bring one back.

  3. I hope with all my heart this snowglobe is expensive because i have it i bought it off this lady at a pon shop for $75 dollars pleas comment me back and let me know how much it costs????

  4. As stated above the original retail price was 99.50 in 2008. I've seen it sell on ebay for more and less then that.

  5. If anyone has this snow globe and would like to sell, I would very much like to purchase for my daughter's birthday.

    Please email me at: