Thursday, January 1, 2009

Aladdin Snowglobe

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Description: Jasmine and Aladdin share a magical carpet ride above the clouds in our lovely snowglobe. Base is decorated with a palace motif. Designed by Steve Thompson.
Characters: Aladdin, Jasmine, Magic Carpet.
Features: none
Music: “A Whole New World”
Size: 10”H.
Source: Disney Store, Online.
Timeframe: 2007-2008.
ORP: 59.50


  1. I would love to buy one of these. Do you know of any sellers? I've checked ebay, craigslist and amazon to no avail.

  2. interesting that this is so scarce. It's not that old. I can't find one listed anywhere either. Good luck with your search. Maybe someone here has one they'll be willing to part with.

  3. I have one to sell, perfect condition, with box, no air bubble. If interested please E mail me.

  4. I have one that is also in great condition, has been in the original box for the last 2 years. Please email me if interested in purchasing.

  5. Hi I am very interested in finding one of these but I cannot find one! Is anyone still selling one?