Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2oth Anniversary Snowgglobe

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Description from The merry chase is on, from Hollywood to ToonTown, and across our action-packed Who Framed Roger Rabbit Snowglobe. Roger and Jessica, in Benny the Cab, are only just keeping ahead of the wiley Weasels as they cross the bridge from the real world to cartoonland. Both cars are on the road to solving the crime of the century. Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this classic 1988 film that helped trigger Disney's animation renaissance.
Characters: Benny the Cab, Jessica, Roger Rabbit, Weasels.
Features: Cars rock and weave. Street lights and siren light up.
Music: Jessica's theme.
Size: 9'' H x 14 1/2'' W x 6 1/2'' D.
Snow: Glitter.
Source: Disney Store, Online.
Timeframe: 2008-2009.
ORP: 79.50

1 comment:

  1. yep this definetaly is a beautiful piece of art

    and I have it in my room right now!

    so proud to own this love roger rabbit and the weasels of course!

    the one in the pink is my favorite!

    valients got him stashed somewhere!