Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rescuers Snowglobe

Photo courtesy of the Disney Store UK website.
Description: Young orphan Penny is held prisoner on an old abandoned luxury steamship. Mr Snoops is upfront keeping a lookout with Brutus and Nero the crocodiles while Madame Medusa is in charge of the large gun. But Penny's message in a bottle has been found and help has arrived just in time. Orville the albatross is flying overhead having just dropped off Miss Bianca and Bernard, and Evinrude the dragonfly is also close at hand to help in the rescue.
Characters: Bernard, Bianca, Brutus, Evinrude, Madame Medusa, Nero, Orville, Penny, Mr Snoops.
Features: Light.
Limited Edition: 2000.
Music: 'Someone Waiting for You'.
Size: 24cmH.
Snow: Glitter.
Source: Disney Store Europe, Online.
Timeframe: 2007-2008.
ORP: 75 pounds

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