Wednesday, December 3, 2008

101 Dalmations Snowglobe

Photo scanned from The Disney Catalog.
101 Dalmations
Description: Pongo & Perdita play matchmakers with Roger & Anita in the globe. On the base Nanny dusts the puppies, while Thunderbolt is on the television. Cruella, Jasper and Horace chase Sgt Tibbs and a puppy on the back.
Characters: Anita, Cruella DeVil, Horace, Jasper, Nanny, Perdita, Pongo, Roger, Sgt Tibbs, Thunderbolt.
Features: tv lights up.
Music: “Cruella De Vil”
Size: 8”H.
Source: Disney Catalog, Online.
Timeframe: 2001.
ORP: 65.00

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