Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobe

Nightmare Before Christmas
Description from  What's this? Discover a cavalcade of creepy crawlies and ghoulish grins. When Halloween invades Christmas, which holiday wins? Jack's deluxe snowglobe is an animated delight with swirling snow and tiny lights for the night.
Characters:  Barrel, Clown, Jack, Mayor, Sally, Santa Claus.
Features:  Blower, Santa's village rotates, flocked Santa suit on Jack, LED lights.
Music:  What's This?
Size: 8 1/2'' H x 8'' Diameter
Snow:  white
Timeframe:  2012
ORP:  99.50

NOTE:  The original version of this globe was a limited edition of 1200 mainly released in Europe. There seems to be some paint differences but the main difference is that Jack did not have a flocked suit on the original.  You can the original in this posting here.

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