Monday, January 30, 2012

Classic Tinker Bell Snowglobe

Peter Pan
Description:  Our petulant pixie strikes a pose for the Disney Store Silver Anniversary celebration. This classic Tinker Bell collectible presents the sassy sprite beloved from Walt Disney's Peter Pan in a glowing, glittering snowglobe set within Pan's hat.
Characters:  Tinker Bell
Features:  Light
Music:  none
Size:  5 1/2'' H x 7'' W x 5'' D
Snow:  pixie dust
Source:  Disney Store
Timeframe:  2012
ORP:  49.50


  1. Hi. I have the Walt Disney World 25th anniversary snowglobe with Mickey sitting on top and the number 25 and a silver star inside. It plays It is a Small World. I am looking for more information on its value and the level of interest in this item. However, I was not able to find it in your list of snowglobes. Do you have it on the site? If not, could you list it? thank you.

  2. Value wise, I'm afraid this one isn't worth a whole lot. Every time I've seen it sold on ebay it seems to be only for $10-15. However the ones I've seen sold have also been missing enough water so that the Mickey finial doesn't cover the air bubble. My personal globe has suffered the same fate with a huge air bubble inside. If you have a pristine example it might fetch more. Here's the page with that globe.

  3. This is an absolutely gorgeous snow globe. Mine is autographed by Miss Kerry herself.

    If anyone wants to see how this awesome globe looks in real life, here is a video I recorded of mine.