Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goofy Snowglobe

Characters:  Goofy
Music:  My Favorite Things
Size:  3" H
Snow:  glitter
Source:  Westland Giftware

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  1. I HAVE TO FIND THIS SNOW GLOBE!!! My good friend is an obsessed Goofy collector and she moved into a new home last year. She had to pack an entire bedroom fo Goofy items up, store them, move them and then eventually unpack and redisplay them at the new house. And 3000+ items made it safely, except THIS snow globe :( We've searched high and low and this blog post is the closest we've come to finding this exact piece. I see that the piece came from a Disney licensed wholesaler, but I'm doubtful that any of our local retailers who carry their products would still have a snow globe from early 2010.
    Any additional information that you could provide on this piece or it's availability ANYWHERE would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!