Friday, November 27, 2009

Disney Sale has some special sales going on for Black Friday but nothing to out of the ordinary just certain percentage off depending on what you spend.  The real news comes from Ebates where for today only they've doubled the cashback rebates on lots of stores including Disney.  The usual rebate for Disney is 5% but today only it is 10%.  Sorry I didn't post this earlier but I didn't see it until I got home from work. This 10% is in addition to any discount Disney is offering and it comes in the form of a rebate you will get later with no hassle involved.  I now use Ebates for all my online shopping and it works great. 
One of the nice things about using on is that it works on everything you buy.  No restrictions on collectibles or pins etc.  Ebates!  I'm guessing the double offer will be repeated on cyber monday.  Just a heads up!

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