Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ratatouille Paris Snowglobe

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Description: Visit the sparkling City of Lights on our Paris Ratatouille Snowglobe. ''Little Chef'' Remy is driven to find creative expression in a land of culinary delights. From his rooftop perch, the country rat takes in a eye-full of dreams, a lush Parisian landscape that includes Gusteau's restaurant where he will one day make his name.
Characters: Remy.
Features: Blower. 4 LEDs illuminate the Eiffel Tower
Blower showers golden snowflakes around the monument
Music: Blue Danube Waltz
Size: 7'' H x 9'' W x 7'' D
Snow: gold glitter.
Timeframe: 2009
ORP: 79.95

1 comment:

  1. i really like this snow globe. would love to have it in my collection.

    the scene is wonderful too and i'm glad it's showing up in a lot of merchandise, like prints and such.